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Why Us

Since the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), implementing a comprehensive compliance program is essential to any practice. Mandated by section 6401 of PPACA, health care providers must introduce a comprehensive compliance program as a part of their office protocols, as quickly as possible. Accord MS provides a complete and dynamic Quality Management System, which incorporates amongst other

• Conducting internal monitoring and auditing
• Implementing compliance and practice standards
• Designating a Compliance Officer or contact
• Conducting appropriate training and education
• Responding appropriately to detected offenses and developing corrective action
• Developing open lines of communication
• Enforcing disciplinary standards through well‐publicized guidelines

7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program, Office of the Inspector General, DHHS, 2000

(Note: The OIG Paper will be posted on the CPCA Webpage at:www.cpca.org/resources/research under Compliance